We are family owned business offering mainly Photobooth hire and DJ Hire in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. We can impress you and your guest by providing you with a top-notch Wedding Photography and Videography, Photo booth hire, Giant LOVE Hire, Dry Ice Machine Hire and DJ Hire services backed by our staff’s proficiency, creativity, and unmatched teamwork skills to ensure the success of your event.

Why not check our Wedding Photography and Videography services for as low as $1500! We are a small team of 10 with highly experienced and professional gear from UltraHD (4K) cameras, Phantom 4 Drones, and motorized gimbal stabilizer, crystal clear audio recording device, speedlights and strobe plus a collection of prime to zoom lenses ! We also have a beautiful looking photobooths and roving photographers that are great addition to your Wedding at very reasonable price! You would be surprise that our rates are very low with these kind of set-up. Feel free to check our Curtain or Enclosed Photobooths which are absolutely stunning and eye catching perfect to your Wedding. Dry ice machine hire are also an amazing way for a jaw dropping visual cloud effects creating a magical look that will really add the ‘Wow’ factor to your bridal dance.


Our Photobooths are professionally design with the state-of-the-art commercial photographic aluminum road cases that specializes in providing on-site shoot and print services and a has unique style of approach to engage your guests using the latest technology available in the market. It can be a useful strategy for building a brand or advertisement with the ability to include your company logo or website on the photo print out. We also offering Professional Photography for most Corporate events such Christmas Party, Live events, Anniversary, Meeting, School celebration or any Corporate related works. We are fully equipped with Hi-End still cameras such as Studio Strobe, Modifiers, Speedlights, Prime Lenses, and a 42 high resolution megapixel camera with top of the line prime to zoom lenses! Check our works on this website and you'll be surprised!


What’s better than celebrating your 21st birthday party with your friends along with Sydney's Cheapest photobooth hire. It will be a sure fire way to loosen up your guests and have heaps of entertainment! We have a range of photobooth style that will suit your 21st Birthday theme. Either you're having a masquerade party or semi formal celebration, we have Enclosed Photobooths that are absolutely Stunning, Modish, and Elegant which are designed in Aluminum solid walls with black and white damask background. We also have a fun, friendly and interactive roving photographer that can mingle with your guests to take great shots and actively roves around the venue to engages with your friends, relatives, families, or employees for pictures which are essentially sent to our printers for printing onsite in just 15 seconds. We can even customized a design artwork for you to match the theme of your event at no extra cost!


What's a great way to show your fiancee how much you LOVE him/her? Tell you what, why not hire our Giant Illuminated LOVE letters? It comes with complete stunning LED lights that can be modified to 7 colours and about 1.8 meters high! These amazing Giant Love letters are for hire especially for Engagements and/or Weddings. The main reason for hiring these is to let the world around you knows how you feel for your love one because these are a fantastic addition to your decor and a great finishing touch for your Engagement. And Don't look any further! You have come to the right place. We are the only company in Sydney that can offer a wide selection of Photobooths, DJ's, Photograhers and Videographers with our unmatched teamwork skills!


Throwing a Party? From 1st to 7th Birthday to Sweet 16th to 30th and 50th Birthdays, Quinceanera, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Halloween Party, Christmas Party or whatever, Have you check out our Premium DJ hire? Our extensive experience in the industry coupled with our high-quality equipment and professionalism will enhance the quality and value of your event. When it comes to DJ hire, it is critical that you make the right choice, as the DJ you select will either “make or break” the success of your Party! Whatever the age, we have all types of music covered such as RnB, House Music/Electro or Techno, K-pop, 80's Disco Fiasco, 90's Old School to the Latest Top 40! We have it all for you! So you just have to sit back and relax...


The best thing School Formals must have on their special event is a Photobooth and a DJ! In years to come you will want to remember your Formal Dress, sometimes your Formal Date in the dance floor but most importantly your group photos with your friends! The only way you can do that is by getting in the best photobooth hire and DJ hire in Sydney with innovative style of entertainment. Our photobooths are wide enough for a group of friends or family the can fit up to 15 people with Open Air Photobooth and 8-9 people for the Curtain and Enclosed Photobooths. The most popular package we have here at the happy hire is the combined DJ hire + Open Air Photobooth package. We are proud to say that we have the most affordable rates of combined DJ + Photobooth hire in Sydney starting from $700 only! Feel free to shop around elsewhere but you wouldn't find a great deal like this!

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